Here At The End.

As we head into the final moment of this era of madness...

I've spent the last week listening to podcasts discussing the Capitol Insurrection.
I've watched a bunch of roundtable discussions.
I've read a ton of think pieces.

I even watched the season premiere of 'Real Time with Bill Maher', who for some inexplicable reason, gave Kellyanne Conway a final 'last call' to act as Minister of Propaganda for the Orange Traitor.

And in all of these formats, a common theme was presented...

"We can't paint all Trump supporters with the same brush as the traitors at the Capitol."

That sounds nice, doesn't it?
The idea that there are decent, wholesome, Trump supporters out there that reject what the rest of them tried to do to our nation?
To our democratic electoral process?
That they rejected the plan to kill Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence.

It sounds nice.
Meaning...It's a nice thing to say.
But have we been given reason to believe it on a large scale?

The problem is, for me, believing that there are decent Trump supporters still in his camp out there after what we've just witnessed, is about as patently insane as believing in QAnon itself.
Where are they?
Why haven't they literally or symbolically torn off their red hats and joined us in renouncing the traitorous movement that Trump ignited if it's not what they stand for?
If it's not just the 'final form' of the exact movement that they participated in either actively or through their complicit silence.
If it's not the fully realized hatred they passionately embraced or turned a blind eye to, come to fruition.

Why do they still, even now, refuse to acknowledge that 'MAGA' has been the most destructive movement of the modern era? That it's foundation of lies and conspiracy theories have us at the brink of civil war?
How hard is it to detach oneself from a movement that planned to execute the Speaker Of The House and the Vice President, and burn our Electoral votes so Trump could retain power through criminal means?
Shouldn't that be the first step if we're to begin this path of 'healing' we keep hearing so much about?
Shouldn't they be at least required to apologize for what they stood silently by for, if they truly didn't condone it?
If they demand we believe in them, isn't acknowledging the poisonous nature of the moment they 'erroneously' participated in just a baseline assumption?
Shouldn't there be contrition from those who supposedly see clearly now?
And if all of that is too daunting a task, are they really 'good' people?

But saying they are sounds nice to say.
It feels good to think, I suppose.
It makes it seem like there's hope here.

But it also gives them a free pass.
Tell me, in what other capacity do you allow people who've behaved so egregiously to have such a free pass? Forgiveness requires an admission of wrongdoing, does it not?
Did I miss the part where anyone has admitted wrong doing here?
Because I must have if it's being demanded that I forget everything I've just witnessed.

I can count on one hand the personal Republican friends I know that at some point over the last four years said "ENOUGH!", and denounced Trump, and the Party's cowardice and complicity.
And none of us on the other side of the Trump fence treated them as outliers afterward. If anything, they were celebrated as the only people who truly stood for the principles that they claimed to hold dear all of these years.
The rest of the 'good Trump supporters' called them 'RINO' - Republicans In Name Only.

I ask you, who were the real RINO here?

The people who sold out on every principle they claimed to believe in; right up to and after a traitorous revolt at our Capitol, or the ones who adhered to the morals and values they told us they always had, and drew a line in the sand?

So where are all the rest of these mythical people I keep hearing about?
I'm told of their existence. I'm constantly reminded not to forget about them...but I don't see them.
Like Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster...sure there are people who swear they exist, but I've never seen them.
Have you?
And I don't know about you, but I don't believe in things I can't see or can't hear.
I mean, I can truthfully say that I'm open to the possibility that a Bigfoot like creature is out there, but that's where that pretty much begins and ends for me.

But it sounds nice to say.
You know, that they're out there? It sounds nice to say.
It feels more comfortable to believe that the claims of their existence aren't just lies.

Still...the reality is that we are being asked to once again be the 'bigger person' and to forgive and forget, over not just a fucking insurrection, but a group of people who don't even have the goddamn decency to denounce it wholesale.

I want you to think about something.
On April 19,1995, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. McVeigh was a self described 'patriot' just like the traitors that led a violent insurrection at our Capitol.
McVeigh was also involved with militias, again...just like the traitors of January 6th.
But back then, we all recognized that McVeigh was a fringe lunatic enveloped in bizarre conspiracies that led to him killing 168 people, and injuring over 700 more.

I want you to be brutally honest with yourself now...

Do you think an identical individual believing himself to be a 'patriot' under this new definition that Trump supporters adhere to would be met with universal condemnation today?
Can you say that with any degree of certainty?

Yet we need to think of the good of the nation, you see.
While they didn't need to consider it at all for the last four years, or especially on January 6th 2021.
We need to be the adults in the room again.
They shouldn't even feel the slightest penalty for what they've done.
Hell, removing the very platform where they organized this treasonous outburst somehow placed them in further victimhood in their minds!

Instead of them feeling shame for what their movement culminated in, they justify the act of abhorrent treason by drawing lines of false equivalence to riots and looting, that they tell us all the Democrats condoned, while I don't personally know a single Democrat that actually did.
"This doesn't help the cause!" and "This defeats the message!" were the cries I heard from even my most Liberal of friends.
You know, the really out there, extremist ones.
But they apparently were fine with it all if we listen to Trump and his base.

Yesterday on Facebook, I was watching the old copy and paste gag about how...
"I will accept Biden as my President unlike the child like, crying Democrats refused to do with Trump."
I would later learn that the inaccuracy riddled, copied and pasted post, was apparently meant as an olive branch of sorts. So ignore that opening salvo, I guess.
I assume we were supposed to also ignore where it continued to maintain that the election was rigged.
The fun part was, just as I came across the post, Mitch 'ShitTurtle' McConnell had stood on the Senate floor and proclaimed...

"The mob was fed lies. It was provoked by The President and other powerful people."

Even that crooked bastard isn't denying the reality of what happened.
But they still are.
You know, the 'good ones' that are supposedly out there.

Back to the theme of that copied and pasted dreck....

I always find the game of 'Convenient Amnesia' that this crew likes to play...funny.
Although admittedly, I shouldn't find it funny at all because it's become powerfully dangerous.
But still, they're now 'educating' us on how to respect the office of the President no matter if you like him or not. They're going to lead by example!

So...I guess that means we just imagined the way they treated Barack Obama for eight years?

The lies they created about him being a Muslim Sleeper Cell agent.
The demand for his birth certificate over and over again...spearheaded by the way, by the traitorous disgrace that just left office.
The way they suggested that Michelle Obama was actually a man, and searched for any pics that could find where they believed they saw bulges in her pants...even if they had to poorly Photoshop them.
"Thanks, Obama!" was something so widely used because they blamed every single inconvenience in their lives on the man, that Obama himself even ended up goofing on it in a parody video.

They figured out how the color of his suit was offensive.
They figured out how he hated our military when he didn't salute a serviceman as he boarded Marine One because he had coffee in his hands.
They intentionally took his words out of context, like "You didn't build that.".
They figured out how his mother was a whore who took porn pictures when the pictures they were spreading weren't his mother, and they spread lies about his "real" father being militant radical.
Dinesa D'Souza made propaganda films about him.
They figured out how the yellow curtains in the White House were actually 'Muslim Prayer Curtains', even though they dated back to Nixon.

They claimed he was part of a pedophile ring that was raping children in the basement of a pizza shop that doesn't even have a basement. And they believed it so passionately that it led one of them to go into the establishment and discharge a firearm believing he was liberating child sex slaves.

They even attacked the fucking mustard he preferred, as if Grey Poupon is something actually elitist.

And I didn't even touch on the patently racist shit they spewed like calling Michelle Obama an "ape", and hanging Barack in effigy at their 'patriot' rallies.

But now, they're gonna show us how to respect the office.
That's fun, isn't it?

You know, I guess we also imagined how they slandered Joe Biden and his family.

How they disseminated what was tantamount to 'revenge porn' of his surviving and 'in recovery' son all over the internet. How they were so worked into a frenzy with conspiracy theories, that one of them destroyed his own business in some maniacal pursuit to crush Joe Biden and his family by showing everyone that he couldn't be trusted with his own customers' privacy as a computer repairman. And how the same deranged individual claimed he believed Biden would 'have him killed' know, because of all the people Biden has notoriously had killed, I suppose.

They also through this, made baseless claims that Hunter Biden is a pedophile, but I guess we imagined that too.

We also must have imagined how they ridiculed every verbal gaffe of a man who factually has had a lifelong speech impediment and survived a brain aneurysm.

How they dug back to the 1970s to show that he and his wife began their now 43 year marriage by having an affair, while ignoring and often celebrating Trump's legacy of infidelity towards his multiple wives, not to mention the two dozen women who've accused him a sexual assault.

But mostly, we must have imagined how they so pathetically and passionately refused to accept the results of Joe Biden's clear victory in November, that they led a deadly insurrection against our nation.

Against our nation.

But hey, NOW they're on the moral high ground, so you can just forget about all that.
Now they're gonna teach us about proper conduct, you see.

You know, maybe, just maybe, it's time for them to confront the fact that they blindly followed the only President in history who ever spearheaded a traitorous insurrection against our nation, and that it wasn't so much that Democrats were "crying like children", and it wasn't so much that they were lying about a man whose legacy of corruption is so profound that it's become his hallmark, as much as it was that the Democrats were just paying attention...where they failed to...or didn't care to...because they long ago stopped living in reality for the sake of preserving a notorious con-man's ego, because he chanted the bigoted things they liked to hear.

So no, I'm not going to play along with the idea that we've got them wrong.

It's time for them to atone if they want to truly find unity. It's time to, at the very least, admit that Trump and MAGA was just a really bad idea...even if retrospect and embarrassment is the only way they arrived at that concession.

We've spent years trying to appeal to the better angels of their nature, even when it seemed more and more clear that those angels didn't even exist.
So I'm all for putting an end to this sickness that's plaguing our nation and its people.
I'm all for a return to normal adult discourse where evidence, facts, and science have meaning again.
Where we can have an honest metric about moral and ethical conduct again.

But if you're one of them, I think after everything we've witnessed and the lack of 'reality boundaries' that have been put on full display by your movement, I can speak for everyone on this side of the fence when I say...

"You first.".

We're here. We're waiting. We're ready. Let's unite!


We can't and won’t meet 'Q' conspiracy theories halfway.
We can't and won’t meet denial of empirical evidence halfway.
We can't and won't meet White Supremacy halfway.
We refuse to.

It's time to put these childish things away.
It's time to admit this horrendous mistake.

Until that time, you'll have to forgive us if we don't really believe that there are still those of you who weren't in it for exactly everything we've just seen.
For all of this spite filled, 'FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!', anti-American, treasonous insanity.

Even if it sounds nice to say.